An unknown device appears on my network. What do I do?

Make sure that device is really unknown. Sometimes you can ignore devices that are connected to your network such as smart tv or home automation systems. You can block those devices from the configuration of your router. Search the Internet for information on that topic.

The network is marked as not secure but I can’t get the pin

Some networks may appear as vulnerable and not really be. The method is not 100% effective and depends on many factors. Some router manufacturers have updated the firmware of their computers to correct those vulnerabilities.

The pin is shown as a long series of numbers and letters

Some terminals such as Samsung show the pin coded in hexadecimal. Look for a hexadecimal decoder on the Internet to get the real value of the pin.

Why do I have to give location permissions?

As of Andorid version 6, Google has established this requirement as mandatory for certain functions.

I have an LG with Android 7 and the pin connection doesn’t work for me

In these models the pin connection does not work due to LG’s own software.

Can I steal my neighbor’s wifi key with WPSApp?

Yes, just like you can steal your neighbor’s car with a screwdriver. Intrusion into outside networks is a crime and is punishable by law as well as a robbery. That there are tools that facilitate this act is still a crime. Use the application responsibly.